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Client Platform

The Genius Client Platform allows you to monitor, track and manage all of your training. If you book training for your company employees you can also track their progress, which training courses they sit, view their registers and exam results. You can also view when their qualifications expire and much more more.

 FREE Access

You have been given Free access to Genius Client Platform by your chosen training provider. This means you don't need to pay for a training management system to store your learners training information as Genius does it all for you. This is with the compliments of your chosen training provider.

 Quick & Easy Setup

To use the Free Genius Client Platform just ask your training provider to set up your Genius Client Platform account for you.
You will then receive an email giving you completely free access.

 Completely Secure

No need to worry about data protection, GDPR, security or PCI compliancy as the Genius Client Platform is completely secure and all of your data is encrypted.

 Why Genius

The Genius Client Platform is the only one of it's kind, no other training management system gives you Free access to track and manage all of your learners training.

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